Lightroom MOD APK v9.1.1 Download for Android (Premium Unlocked)

Lightroom Mod is the best editor and other than editor it is the best Adobe having the features like Adobe. You can make high-quality pictures here and edit them to a customized level. As you edit the pictures or the videos, there is an Adobe feature discussed above that helps you to share the same edited image to share to others all over the globe. In addition, branded tools are also given in Lightroom app to make use of editing videos and images. For customization of images and videos, light filters are also presented by this editor. 

Lightroom Mod Apk (v9.1.1)

Lightroom Mod apk is a all-in-one video editing and video maker app. It is available for Android and iOS devices. It offers a wide range of features Ad-free experience, and Premium feature in the Lightroom Mod Apk.

Introduction To Lightroom Mod Apk

Lightroom is a best photo editing app in the world. You can edit videos and photos in a straightforward and easy way. With the help of this Mod you can edit your content in an incredible way. Lightroom provides many amazing Free features for editing photos. In Lr Mod Apk you can edit photos anywhere in the world. With the lightroom you can edit your content in a best way with magnificent themes and filters.

You can also download and use light room on any device. You use this app for professional and for basic editing. This is a safe and secure app you use this with a piece of mind without any issue. Lr is the worlds most completed and popular photo editing app. So, if you want to edit your photos in a easy and amazing way then this app is for you.

Features of Lightroom Mod 

There are unlimited features of Lightroom app that help the users in various ways. A few features among all features of Lightroom Mod are mentioned below. Before telling you about the features, it is necessary to tell you that you have to be an expert in using the app before using it otherwise you will not use it in the proper way. Now we come to our main point and discuss all the features of Lr app. 

Picture Editing 

On Lr Mod Apk, you can edit your image and share the edited image with friends and fellows. The image edited will be shared with others in the same quality as you have edited them due to the Adobe features of Lightroom editor app. If you will make the internet connection strong then it will become easier for you to edit the pictures and videos. For best editing, you have to use all the tools for editing given on this app. 

Editing Tools 

The editing tools are present with the help of which you can edit the photos. Keep in mind, it is mostly used for editing photos. Other than photos, you cannot use it for editing videos in the simple version of Lr Mod. There are various modded versions of Lightroom app where you might edit the videos. Tools of various quality are given to make your picture outclass for others and they feel happy by viewing it. 

Picture Brushes

With picture brushes, you can remove the dots present in your picture. There are various dots present on the picture which are not visible for the normal picture clicker but Lightroom is the major issue in the bad look of a picture. But this issue has now been solved and without any issue, you can remove the dots with the help of these brushes. In addition, the dust-looking picture can also be cleaned by using picture brushes. 

Outclass Filters 

There are unlimited filters in Lightroom Mod Apk that make your picture beautiful. By applying each filter to the picture, the color and the look of the picture are totally changed and it looks beautiful. To apply the filters on a picture, you have to click on the filter icon given in Lightroom apk, and after clicking the filter icon the various filters are displayed to you by simple click on them, these are applied to your image, and your image look is changed. 

Cropping Features

Cropping features are present in Lightroom Mod. With this feature, you can crop the images and these are cropped to the various templates. After cropping them, you can also save them to your device. It will be saved in the same template in which you have cropped it. It is the best feature of Lr apk to make it attractive for every photo editor. In addition, you can also enjoy the handmade template for cropping the image. 

Use in Free

Lightroom Mod is a free application in the following sense

  • There is no payment to download it from the play store
  • It is totally free to install and it can be easily installed on any device
  • To make the editing Pro level, you have to use an internet connection
  • The mod version of Lightroom apk also has great features other than simple ones. 

No Ads

The No Ads feature also adds to the beauty of Lightroom Mod Apk. 

  • When you use the Lightroom Mod, the Ads will not be displayed on the main screen. 
  • While using it in the online mode, they will not be displayed at that time also. 
  • Due to no ads display, you can edit pictures easily without any disturbance. 

No Registration

Lightroom Mod is going to be viral on the internet due to Lr features:

  • For using it on any device like Android mostly, registration is not required. It is free of registration. 
  • For installing it on Android, registration is not required but you have to log in to the Google account on your device

Benefits of Using Lightroom Mod Apk

As you know Lightroom is a photo editing app and this is best app for editing. We discuss many benefits of this app:

Premium Features

Lightroom provide many premium features to their users and these features are totely free of cost, by these premium features user can save money.

Basic and Professional level Editing

Lr Apk is the best app for photo editing because light room provide many present and other feature to their users. Anyone can use this app for basic and professional editing.

Easy to Use and Easy to Access

Lr easily work on your android devices and easily work on desktop. Lightroom Mod also provide the option of albums and photo collection browser and more for their photos collection.

How to Download Lightroom Mod on Android

For downloading Lightroom Mod on Android, you have to follow the following steps

  • Find the link to Lightroom Mod that I have given on this page
  • After finding the link, you have to click on it simple
  • As you will click on it the download page will be shown to you. 
  • There is the download button that is the main part of the displayed download page.
  • Click on the download button to download the Lr Mod Apk. 
  • Before clicking on the download button, make the internet connection strong. 
  • As the downloading will be completed, it will be shown in Chrome. 
  • Go to the Chrome downloaded file section to install it instantly 

Download Lightroom Mod Apk on Android

Application NameLightroom Mod Apk
Next VersionComing Soon
Latest Packagecom.adobe.lrmobile
Last Updated1 day ago


Tips for maximizing Lightroom Mod Apk’s Potential

As a editor you can use these important features to maximize Lightroom potential:

Focus on Skills

It is your duty to stay connect with updated editing techniques and new trends and be active in social media and other workshops communicates in which you improve your skills and knowledge about updated trends.

Use of Group Editing

Lightroom Mod apk provide this option to our users to save time. They apply same editing techniques to multiple photos in one time. Lr also allow you to edit a photos in bulk by which you can save your time.

Use Lightroom Presets for Editing

Lightroom allow you to experiment with different presents on your photos and these presents are given by professional photographers by these presents you can use different effect and style on your photo.


Lightroom Mod Apk is a free video editor app where you can make your picture beautiful and attractive for the viewer or for you. You can share the edited image also on social media and other platforms. Various tools are given by the Lightroom Mod to edit the video. As the video will be edited it can be saved also and you can share it with your friends and families in the personal WhatsApp groups. There is an easy method to download it, for downloading, you have to go to the google play store or the official website or use the link of Lr app given by us on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we use this version for free?

Yes, you can use Lightroom Mod for free. All the features are unlocked in this Mod version.

Is Lightroom is a registration-free app?

Yes, Lightroom Mod is a registration-free app. If you want to save your edits then you have to sign-in with google or Facebook.

Can we share it with friends?

Yes, you can share this app with your friends. First of click the "Create Family Plan" Button and enter you family members Email addresses. Once they have accepted your invitation, they are able to use Lightroom with you.

Is it is safe for Androids?

Yes, it is a safe app for Androids. But it is risky if you download it from any fake website because some fake websites of Lightroom are also available.

Can we use all features on PC?

Yes, you can use Lightroom Mod on PC devices. The official Adobe Lightroom app is one of the best option for PC users who want to edit their photos with powerful tools and features.

Lr versions are free to download?

Yes, Lightroom Mod is free to download. All the Premium Featuures are Unlocked in Lightroom Mod version. Here are the some features are given below:
1. Premium presets
2. RAW editing
3. Cloud sync
4. No watermark

Can we crop images in Pro version?

Yes, you can crop your image on Lightroom Mod. Lightroom have all crop frames including Rectangle Crop, Square Crop and also have custom crop features.

Can we apply filters on pictures?

Yes, you can apply filters on images with Lightroom Mod. Lightroom is also famous for its amazing filters & Effects. In lightroom you will find unlimited filters and Effects.

Are paid versions are available?

Yes, there are a few paid versions of this app to use them you have to pay.